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Whiskey 3 Lets Talk Radio

A message from Joe KA3UBG our President:

Yes, the name has been officially changed from The 655 Amateur Radio Forum Group to

“Windmill Amateur Radio Group”

The Re-Organization Meeting took place on Wednesday evening, February 19, 2020 at 7:00 PM at the Gravity Inn, 40 Gravity Plains  Road, Waymart, Pa.  The club is off to a good start with 30 new members and several more applications on the way.  There was a lot accomplished with a good number of activities discussed that will be taking place. Everyone present was given a Shirt and Hat that had the Groups Logo, Name and Call Sign. The 50/50 Raffle brought in a sizeable amount for the groups treasury. 

The next meeting will be held at The Gravity Inn soon.

For more information you can email us at: (soon to be or call or text: 570-877-5459.

I would also like to mention that John McEwing KC1FWU, President of the Susquehanna County Amateur Radio Club  N3SRC,(a club that I am still affiliated with) and Myself, as President of the Windmill Amateur Radio Group W3LTR, have agreed to join forces in conjunction with some of our events. We are happy to have them as our Sister Club.

To make it simple, we are just a Group of Amateur Radio Operators that meet once a month for several hours at The Gravity Inn, have something to eat and discuss subjects that pertain to Amateur Radio.

You are personally invited by “The Windmill Amateur Radio Group” W3LTR to our get together and become part of the group. Bring a friend if you wish, who may or may not, have interest in Amateur Radio. The Group is open to all, both the licensed and non-licensed amateur radio operator and everyone is always welcome.

The evening consists of having something to eat and talking radio, Amateur Radio.  Presentations & Discussions on topics such as Electronics, Radios, Antennas, Antenna Building, Transmission Lines, SWR (standing wave ratio).  We may watch a Video on Amateur Radio, Vintage Equipment, DXpeditions, VHF/UHF, and Field Day. We’ll also talk about the Companies that played a very important role in Amateur Radio in the past such as  Heathkit, Allied Radio Electronics, Lafayette Radio, Knight Kit, Johnson Messenger, Drake, Collins, Hammerlund, Hallicrafters and many more.

The “Windmill Amateur Radio Group” is all about the hobby of Amateur Radio. Everyone is friendly and available to help anyone that is interested in the hobby, new or seasoned old timer.   We are all there for one another, we are an Amateur Radio Family. 

The Group is also available to assist anyone who may be experiencing some type of problems with their equipment or new hams that need help in acquiring a license and getting their station set up and started, etc.

The “Windmill Amateur Radio Group” W3LTR gets together at the Gravity Inn 40 Gravity Planes Road, Waymart, Pa. every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 P.M. in the Dining Room. Everyone attending must pay for their own order of food and beverage(s). There is no meeting room rental fee.

So drop by and join us, it would be a pleasure to have you.

There is a Membership Application (clickable link) to fill out, and NO dues.

All new Memberships up to the end of March, 2020 (need edit) will receive a “Windmill Amateur Radio Group” W3LTR T-Shirt at No Charge.

…As it is always said

“Everything, even today, is based on the Tube and the Battery”

Check out a YouTube presentation on Linear Amps given by Ken KM3F ….



The “Windmill Amateur Radio Group” has made its permanent home for FIELD DAY and ARRL VHF Contests on an acre of land that has an elevation of 1940 feet above sea level on the Virkitis Farm, 262 Flat Rock Road, (Browndale Mt.) Browndale, Pa. (between Forest City and Waymart). They are normally weekend events, some members of the Group and their guests tent overnight and sit around a bonfire at night, relax and enjoy the outdoors.

In 2020, ARRL FIELD DAY will be held on June 27th & 28th and the Group will be participating in the event at the same place.      

The ARRL Spring VHF/UHF Contest, The ARRL Fall VHF/UHF Contest,The ARRL Winter VHF/UHF Contest, June Summer Field Day Event and January Winter Field Day Event. Events during the winter months are held indoors in other places other than Browndale Mountain.

Members of The “Windmill Amateur Radio Group”, W3LTR can be found on the WB3KGD Repeater, Frequency 146.655, PL 146.2   (-) Offset.  The Repeater is now up and running and has good coverage.   This Repeater has become our Home Repeater with the permission of Bob Bridges, WB3KGD, the Repeater Owner.  

A little about “The Windmill Amateur Radio Group” W3LTR. We are a Group that meet just like a regular club would meet. We do not use Robert’s Rules or any Type of Parliamentary Procedures instead we follow some simple guidelines. There is a Membership Application but no Membership Dues. The Group is funded by Donations and a 50/50 Raffle. It is not a Club Type Atmosphere with Pros, Cons, Clicks or Politics either. It’s entirely a different type of Get-Together than meetings that most Amateur Radio Clubs conduct. Originally the Group was formed as: The 655 Amateur Radio Forum Group after the 146.655 Repeater, The Group has recently been re-organized and re-named the “Windmill Amateur Radio Group” W3LTR being that our VHF Contests and Field Day Events are held on lands that are very close to the Windmill Farm on Browndale Mountain, Browndale, Pa.(between Forest City and Waymart)

We are an Amateur Radio Family, we all Get Along, Get a Lot Accomplished, Play Radio and have FUN !

“The Windmill Amateur Radio Group” W3LTR uses the WB3KGD 146.655,(PL: 146.2) Repeater for their VHF Communications and was given permission for its use by the Repeater Owner, Bob Bridges, WB3KGD.

The Group is very grateful and thanks Bob for his generosity.

Joe Cieciorka KA3UBG, President

Phone or Text: 570-877-5459

For More information contact JoeCieciorka, KA3UBG, President

Call: 570-282-5820
Text: 570-877-5459


Vice President:      Jim Kettyle, KC2LEB

Secretary:      Darwin Muir, WD4GXT 

Treasurer:      Dave McDowell, WB3KTW

Technician:      Ken Merring, KM3F

Presentations by: Ken Merring, KM3F     

QSL Manager: Darwin Muir, WD4GXT

Activities Director: Jim Kettyle, KC2LEB

Net Manager: Jack Arnouts, N2KUO

Webmaster: Jim Kettyle: KC2LEB

So think about attending one of our meetings sometime,

….The Group would be honored to have your presence & input.

At this time, I would like to mention that Lee Parsons, N3LPJ, President of the Susquehanna County Amateur Radio Club, N3SRC, a good friend of mine and one that has contributed a lot to Amateur Radio has become a Silent Key as of June 14, 2019.  Lee was fatally injured in a tower accident on his own QTH.

Lee, “Rest in Peace” my friend, 73′ from “The Windmill Amateur Radio Group”, W3LTR